Outlook 365Microsoft Outlook Setup

Note: Outlook will automatically take you to Step 3 if you don't have an email account set up. Steps 1 & 2 are for when you add another account to Outlook.

  1. In the Outlook top menu, at left, click File.
  2. Click the + Add Account button.

  3. Enter your Email Address and click Connect.
  4. Select POP from the choices that are shown.
  5. Enter the information as shown:

  6. Double-check everything, then click Next.
  7. Enter your email password, then click Connect.
  8. It'll show a "Getting things ready" message for a minute or so, then show the final screen.
  9. Un-check the option "Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too", then click Done.
  10. If the Account Settings window is open (from Steps 1 & 2) you can close it.

If you get an error, it most likely means you made a spelling mistake along the way...

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