AutoreplySetup Your Email

*** You are strongly encouraged to setup your account in a POP3 email program on a laptop or desktop computer for long-term mail storage. This ensures your account does not exceed its storage quota and that old email are permanently stored. ***

In addition, you may also setup your account on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet using our IMAP configuration.

Suggested POP3 Email Programs:

Setup Overview

The process for setting up an email account is slightly different for each email program or device, yet all have the same requirements. Before you start please browse through this overview to understand the process.

You must choose Account Type (POP3 or IMAP). Note that some programs call it simply "POP" instead of "POP3". This is usually done at the start, though in some cases it might be a later step. Be sure to get this right as it can't be changed later (you can always remove the account and start over).

Specify the Server Name, the Port and select SSL/TLS encryption. You'll need to provide these for both Incoming Mail and Outgoing Mail. Some programs ask for these all on one screen, others split it across two or three screens. Some require you to choose something like "Advanced" or "More settings" or "Manual setup" to see these settings. Watch for choices like that and use them.

Provide your Email Address, your User Name and your Password. Entering your email address is often a first step. Some programs will "guess" your user name based on your email address and use just the first part (before the @ symbol). This is wrong! You need to provide your full email address as your user name.

Your user name and password must be specified twice: once for Incoming Mail and again for Outgoing Mail. For Outgoing Mail some programs provide an option like, "Use the same user name & password as Incoming Mail". You can select that to avoid having to enter them twice.

Email Settings

POP3 Incoming Mail

* Recommended for your primary computer for long-term mail storage.

Server Name
Port 995
Encryption SSL/TLS

IMAP Incoming Mail

* Recommended for all mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

Server Name
Port 993
Encryption SSL/TLS

SMTP Outgoing Mail

* For all programs & devices.

Server Name
Port 465
Encryption SSL/TLS

User Name & Password

User Name Your full email address
Password ************

If you've lost your password check with your organization's administrator. If necessary, contact us to have your password reset.

Step by Step Procedures

iPhone / iPadiPhone / iPad

Outlook 365Microsoft Outlook

For other devices and programs please review Setup Overview and Email Settings above. If you'd like to contribute a step-by-step guide (e.g., for Mac Mail or Galaxy phone) it would be most welcome.